Tuesday, September 25, 2007

16 Inchi Teak Wooden Chess Set

Ideal for limited spaces, this set will still capture the elegance of an oversized teak set. Can be used indoors and outdoors and makes an ideal centrepiece in larger rooms. Set includes:

32 regulation pieces.

Dimensions of individual pieces:- (Width,Height and Weight)

King - 7¼"(18cm) x 16"(40cm), 1.8kgs.
Queen - 6½"(16cm) x 14"(35cm), 1.3kgs.
Rook - 6¼"(16cm) x 9½"(23cm), 0.9kgs.
Bishop - 5½"(14cm) x 11½"(29cm), 0.9kgs
Knight - 5¾"(15cm) x 10"(25cm), 1.8kgs
Pawn - 4¼"(10cm) x 8"(20cm), 0.4kgs

Total set Weight 28kgs.

- Width is the diameter of the base.
- Height is the distance from the base to the highest part of the piece.

Our sets are handmade so measurements can vary by ±10%.

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