Monday, September 24, 2007

8" (20cm) Wooden Chess Set

8" (20cm) Wooden Chess Set

This smaller 8" set is a perfect size for use in the home. It makes an ideal centrepiece to tables and draws the attention of your visitors! Set includes:

32 regulation pieces.
Dimensions of individual pieces:- (Width by Height)

King - 3¾"(9.5cm) x 8"(20cm)
Queen - 3¼"(8cm) x 6¾"(17cm)
Rook - 3"(7.5cm) x 5"(12.5cm)
Bishop - 2¾"(7cm) x 6"(15cm)
Knight - 2½"(6cm) x 5"(12.5cm)
Pawn - 2¼"(6.5cm) x 4"(10cm)
Total set Weight 3.6kgs.

- Width is the diameter of the base.
- Height is the distance from the base to the highest part of the piece.

Our sets are handmade so measurements can vary by ±10%.

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