Tuesday, September 25, 2007

24 Inchi Wooden Outdoor Chess Set

24 Inchi Wooden Outdoor Chess Set

This size of set is the most popular for outdoor use. This bestseller has a superb look and finish making an ideal centrepiece in landscaped gardens. Set includes:

32 regulation pieces.

Dimensions of individual pieces:- (Width,Height and Weight)

King - 11"(27cm) x 24"(60cm), 5.9kgs
Queen - 10"(25cm) x 21"(52cm), 5.0kgs
Rook - 9"(22cm) x 13½"(34cm), 3.6kgs
Bishop - 8"(20cm) x 17"(42cm), 3.1kgs
Knight - 8"(20cm) x 16"(40cm), 4.1kgs
Pawn - 6½"(16cm) x 11½"(28cm), 2.7kgs

Total set Weight 108kgs.

- Width is the diameter of the base.
- Height is the distance from the base to the highest part of the piece.

Our sets are handmade so measurements can vary by ±10%.

Optimum size = 12" (30cm) squares giving a total board size of 8' (2.4m) x 8' (2.4m).

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