Thursday, July 30, 2009

Simple White Giant Chess

In decorating your indoor spaces, white always be the everlasting color. It also shows of the minimalist concept for you decoration idea. Simple white giant chess is our furniture decoration product with luxurious image. It looks modern and elegance. Trust!

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Teak Chess Board for 11"

It is teak chess board that is suitable for 11" giant chess or checker. It has natural and tropical look. As furniture decoration, this can be placed in your coffee table.

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24" Chess Set

Giantchess comes in 24" of size. This chess set is made of teak and polished in natural brown color. It is best used as furniture decoration for indoor and outside.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

12" Bishop

Natural color becomes an everlasting attraction for decoration idea. Derived from that idea, we create this bishop in brown color. This bishop will be a great view of art when it is placed beside the fireplace.

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Wooden Giant Dart

Dart is originally a sport game from America.
Here, we create wooden dart for decoration. It has pretty design and color. Its height is half a meter with pointed arrow.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

The Equipment of Giant Chess

Our giant chess products are equipped by four small wheels. The wheels enable you to move the giant chess piece anywhere you like.

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12" Giant Chess

This is the 12" rook from the giantchess series. As furniture decoration, it can be placed in the side of your room or door. The black color gives the modern and elegance look so that it can be combined with your contemporer furniture.

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The Material of Wooden Chess

Our wooden chess is made of high quality teak. On its bottom, there's a flannelet fabric as a cover. Inside the chess piece, it has a tin to weighted the chess. It is polished by good quality of paint and melamine to avoid scratch.
Those materials make the durability and beauty of our wooden chess.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wooden Chess Board

This wooden chess board requires assembly. It is made of teak wood and cut in square shape. The board dimension is suitable for giant chess piece. It is best located in outdoor for furniture decoration.

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Natural Teak Soccer Ball

The unusual yet unique art stuffs for decoration is the natural teak soccer ball. It has the shape and dimension as the common soccer ball. You can decorate your interior and exterior with it.

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Outdoor Decoration : Giant Chess

Decorating your outdoor space with giantchess is a unique idea. You can have wood as the self-made chess board and arrange the chess pieces as you like.

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16" Giant Chess in Edmonton, Canada

Need an idea to decorate your house?
Arranging the tiles in chess board pattern is common. But giving giant chess pieces on them is another thing.
As seen in a house in Edmonton, Canada, Giant chess decorates your home and brings nice atmosphere. The room will be suitable for place for family gathering or playing.

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16" Colorful Chess Piece

The picture displays the 16" colorful chess piece. This is not for playing only, but also decoration. It can be a central point of your space.

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Chess Pawn Piece

This is another shot from giantchess. Pawn piece comes in giant size. It is not as popular as King, Queen, Knight pieces but it is worth to keep.
Made of teak and polished in black color, this piece is attractive for your office decoration. You can place it near your desk or your bookshelves.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Carve Chess Board as Pool Side Decoration

Another idea in decorating your swimming pool is to place chess set and its board in pool side. It adds the beauty atmosphere in your outdoor space.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Simple Block Chess

This is another decorative giant chess called Block Chess. It made of giant wood block and carved in simple way. The way to differ one piece to the others is by paying attention to the head of the pieces.
This block chess is dedicated for you who fond of simplicity.

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Flat Chess Board

Flat chess board is simple, easy to carry and to place. It is best used for Staunton chess piece. Placed it to your favorite table, you can enjoy the fun game playing as well as room decoration.

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16" Giant Chess as Garden Decoration

Giant Chess is designed for indoor and outdoor decoration. The DIY-project of the family in Las Vegas shows that giant chess is a great garden decoration. The family made their own chess board from the natural rocks which were planted in the garden. Giant Chess has been proven for it durability and beautiful design.

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Dazzling Maroon Giant Chess

Warm atmosphere is often needed in family common room. However, sometimes, too many ornaments and decorations will make your room look busy. Maroon giant chess is suitable for room decoration. It can be placed on the side of the room or anywhere you think best on. The maroon color gives warm mood. Also, since it is giant, then it can stand alone as minimalist furniture decoration. The good point is you would not waste much money to buy many ornaments.

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Soccer Ball Trophies

These series of Soccer Ball are attractive. They have shining colors of gold, silver, and red. You can use these items as common trophy in competition or for a giveaway for friends. These products are made of durable teak wood and beautifully crafted.

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Giant Chess in Various Colors

Giant Chess in various colors of shining black, antique brown, futuristic silver, and light blue. Each of color gives different mood into your decoration theme. When you want something elegance, you can have the black one. The antique brown color gives natural look while the silver and light blue have modern look.

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Tropicana Green

Let's summer comes early!
This Tropicana Green Giant Chess brings you to summer holiday mood. The light color gives refreshment on the eyes so that it's great to place it at your house and garden.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blue Wooden Marble Chess

It's GiantChess in Marble look. The chess piece is made of teak wood and painted in marble texture. The blue color gives relax and cool sensation. This chess piece/set is best used for decoration. It is also highly recommended for those who fancy marble furniture but want affordable price.

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Yellow Chess Piece : Everyday Fresh

Shocking yellow for this season!
It gives fresh atmosphere in your room and house.
This chess piece is highly recommended for decoration.

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Giant Chess for Fun Learning

Chess has been perceived as difficult and serious board game. However, it does not mean that you cannot teach it to kids. Giant chess will add fun into the game teaching in this holiday season. Placed in your garden, you will have a valuable holiday with your kids.

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White and Green Chess Piece for Interior Decoration

Some people love evergreen song while some like rock.
Some individuals fond of classical look while the others go for modernity.
We accommodate the different tastes by creating variety of colors to our products.
The green and white chess pieces bring the fresh sensation in decorating your interior.

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

60" Wooden Giant Chess

It's 60" wooden giant chess that is used for outdoor furniture decoration. The chess piece is available for single purchasing and in complete set. It has two colors, black and brown. It is fine to locate this chess set in garden due to its strength of wood and paint.

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Teak Wooden Chess for Patio Decoration

Teak wooden chess is suitable for your patio. Its giant size becomes the center of interest of the space. It has natural color of brown and made of solid wood.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wooden Chess

Adds more value into your chess game!
The picture shows wooden giant chess in side of the lake. It brings more fun in your game moment.

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Antique Giant Chess

Antique Giant Chess is our product that adopts the old fashioned model.
The chess piece has dark brown color that is manually polished and crafted to have the vintage look. This brand new chess piece has the impression of family inheritance through the ages. It's a perfect choice for home decoration and collection.

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Wooden Giant Chess by Chess Manufacturer