Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chess Pieces Set With Carved Board

All products of chess that you see are made of teak wood with the best quality. Chess pieces that stand on the squares board numbered 32 with details of 16 bright and 16 dark. Chess pieces are framed and ready to play against.

To support the game of chess pieces, we had prepared a chess board with engraving modification on its body. This board looks very unique because of its manufacture hand made ​​by craftsmen. In all four sides, you can observe its unique carving motifs that are not found in other chess board.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Big Chess Pieces In Marble Motive

Are you a chess collector? Or would you like to decorate your house with something unique?

Here, the latest chess products which are recommended as well as a house decoration. A giant chess with different motives than ordinary chess pieces, which is coloring in marble motive.

The big marble chess pieces will give new atmosphere into your house and sure that your guests will be amazed with these unique chess pieces. The other uniqueness is in the basic material of both chess pieces. They are made of teak wood and carved by professional craftsmen. Final finishing, the two chess pieces are polished in marble motif with white and brown mixture. But if you want the other marble colors, it's available here.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Black Wooden Chess Pieces Set

Those are the black side of chess pieces set which already to 'fight' faced the brown side. All pieces are stand on the squares chess board and looks elegant with their glossy appearance.

The black chess pieces set are made from selected Teak wood and carved by talented craftsman. All chess pieces has finished in good painted and polish in glossy touch. Meanwhile, those are the durable products and able for outdoor use. Get the beautiful chess pieces set both the brown and black, in great prices!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Carpet Layer For Wooden Chess Pieces

Carpet is using for the bottom part of wooden chess pieces. It is aimed to protect the chess pieces and chess board which are often rub. The carpet itself has selected to get soft, smooth and thin carpet, so it is not disrupt the chess pieces upright.

The chess pieces itself is felted to prevent scratching board surface. In essence, to prevent those friction coarse, we have been coping with a variety of creative and interesting ways.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Wooden Chees Pieces And Chess Board

Wood is the most natural material for carving products need. Others, came from plastic, marble and stone; but wood still valuable than others especially the Teak wood. Teak wood is not only known and prized for these qualities, but also for its strength and resistance to wear in all seasons. So that mostly people like to use Teak wood furniture for their house, craft collections, house decoration, and also for their chess collection.

Wooden chess is one of carving product that has its own uniqueness because those chess pieces have different unique forms. Equipped with squares chess board made ​​of teak wood as well, making the wooden chess set more interesting and must be owned by all chess lovers.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Playing Chess Game At Delano Hotel

Not all hotels offer outdoor chess for their guests. But not for Delano hotel. Guests can see a big chess in the courtyard outside of Delano hotel and allow play the big chess if they want to. It would be more interesting when you spend your holiday with your family in hotel and having outdoor chess game there.

Not only for hotel, but the big chess can also become your house collection. You can also welcomed your guests with those wonderful chess pieces.  During parties, it's bound to be a conversation piece, and a game your guests can enjoy.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Play Chess Using Color Chess Pieces

Color Chess set may become alternative choice for chess lovers, when they get some bored using ordinary chess set. By using color chess, the chess players will get new atmosphere and new challenge in chess game.

Wooden color chess has present in a set included: 1 king, 1 queen, 2 knights, 2 rooks, 2 bishop, 8 pawns. Those made from Teak wood material and carved by talented craftsman. Choose and create your own colors, or your child's favorite. Same size and specs as club and class chess pieces.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

The Unique Carving Chess Pieces

All of our products are use Teak wood material for the main material in processing qualified chess products. Why Teak wood?
We choose Teak wood as our main material because the Teak wod is the only strongest wood in any weathers. Teak wood is durable in any seasons and free from insect againts.

While, the wood chess pieces are more valuable than others material. The wood chess pieces is handmade product which carved by talented craftsman. It more unique with the chess detail and finished in gloss and smooth.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Red Chess Pieces Set

Those are the red chess pieces set which common categorized in color chess collection. The red chess set can againts the white or black chess set for chess game. The red looks more brightful while stand on squares chess board and will give a new atmosphere in the game. Designed in standard size, those chess pieces are suitable for indoor chess game and played in living room, library, office, or patio area if it possible.

Red chess pieces set has made of Teak wood material. Carved by talented craftsman and polished in bright red, make those chess pieces more interesting to collected. Meanwhile, those red chess pieces are perfect also for house decoration need. Chess lovers are like to collect this kind of chess pieces.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Beautiful Carving Of Pawn Chess

This is one of our carving chess product called Pawn chess piece. It made of best quality Teak wood and carved by talented craftsman, so that, the product has high artistic value. Why we choose Teak wood?
Many of our chess pieces use natural Teak woods, and we have received a number of inquiries into what a particular wood is. We considered about its durability for use for outdoor game and we decided to use the strongest wood in the world, called Teak wood.

This Pawn chess piece is one of our chess products example to show you how we carved it perfectly and polished it in good way to avoid any termites and other insects. Get a set of best chess pieces for your chess collection!

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Rook Pieces In Different Sizes

Those chess pieces named Rook chess pieces that has polished in natural brown color. This kind of chess size usualy used in chess tournament and non-formal chess game. Those are made from best quality Teak wood and carved by talented craftsman. Its easy to carry and easy to store.

The picture above displays the Rook pieces in different sizes. We try to show you that we supply wooden Rook pieces in varius sizes from the standard one to the giant 72". By using this chess size, you can play chess game anywhere you want. You can use the standard for indoor game and the giant for outdoor game. Besides, those are also suitable for gift, house decoration, handicraft collection and others.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Outdoor Chess Game

Giant outdoor chess commonly used for garden game. Chess pieces make an attractive garden feature and allow participants - from beginners to expert - to partake in this absorbing game. These sets are also suitable for pubs, parties and public events. The outdoor chess set has created in big size to suit it with the area around. So that, the chess players do not need to sit down, but they can stand beside the board and moving around.

It really nice for having outdoor chess in summer. Just arrange your big chess set at your backyard, camp ground, beach and other outdoor area. Invite your friends, neighbour, family to having outdoor chess game. It safe and challenging. Do not worried about the chess pieces, because those are made from best quality of Teak wood.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Decorative Chess Piece

This is an example of our decorative chess piece. Take a reality kingdom theme, we try to make something different in chess piece design. The decorative chess piece also suitable for house decoration, souvenir, wooden handicraft and use as gift. This carving product is unique for those need. Surely that your friends are like to collect one.

The chess piece is hand-carved product which carved by Indonesian talented craftsman and polished in natural brown color. It made from best quality of Teak wood, so that the piece is durable in any weathers and seasons.
At present, the decorative chess piece has designed in big size, so you can use it for house decoration in special occasions or events. Just try it!

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White Chess Set

Those are the white chess set which stand on squares board. Those pieces are designed in standard size and model. The interesting of those pieces is its main material. The pieces are all individually hand turned, carved and decorated and made of best quality of Teak wood. Here's a picture showing how the pieces look together: They stand on flat squares chess board.

The white chess set are hand-crafted product which carved by Indonesia talented craftsman. Made from Teak wood and polished using good paint, make the chess pieces become more durable products for outdoor using. The white chess set above will againt the black set on chess game. Get the set and play your challenging chess game using wooden chess pieces!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Checker Board Also Use For Chess Board

This checker board can also use as chess board.They have same square, same color, same amount of squares and same flat. This giant board is made of high quality Teak wood, so it is very durable. You can put it at your garden or your yard for years. You do not need to worry about the damage because we prepare the product for outdoors use. We have choose the best quality Teak wood as main material, so it will be safe for you to take it for outdoors use, such as parties, decoration, checker or chess games, photo section or another activity.

Get excellent price from us as wooden board manufacturer. We serve also outdoors chess table, giant chess for garden, wooden chess pieces, giant chess pieces, chess set with its board, checker pieces in various sizes, and many more wooden chess products. Our products are suitable for outdoor and indoors decoration. Just contact us and choose your favourite one!

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Monday, February 14, 2011

12 Inch Pawn Piece In Glossy Brown

Pawn is one of chess soldier that stand in front of all main soldier to protect the King. Pawn always move first in the game. This chess piece not popular as King or Queen, but its move also determine the strategy.

On the picture is one example of our Pawn chess piece in 12 inch size. It is brown color or natural wood color. It has made of Teak wood and carved by professional craftsman. This carved wooden pawn chess piece is standart chess models. We have various models of chess pieces and you can contact us for the details. Beside that, we provide chess set with its board and chess table. We are manufacturer of chess pieces in some sizes. We have 12 inch, 18 inch, 24 inch, 36 inch, 42 inch, and 72 inch. Order now, and we will give you good prices.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Teak Forest In Indonesia

Indonesia has known as one of Teak producer country which spread along its islands. There are about 0.6 million ha of production plantations and most are based on seed from these production areas. It is planted extensively in Java by Perum Perhutani (a state forest enterprise and which is responsible for the management of teak).

Teak is the most important commercial tree species in Indonesia. Indonesia Teak has known as one of good quality wood. It commonly used as furniture material especially for outdoor and garden furniture. People usually like to buy Teak wood furniture because it durable in any seasons and weathers.

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Wooden Big Chess With Beautiful Carving

Those are big chess pieces which carved by our talented craftsman from Java - Indonesia. As handmade product, those chess pieces are kind of unique and antique products. It is beautiful with natural brown polish and add with glossy touch.

Wooden big chess pieces above are handmade one at a time. The chess pieces are made of a highly durable cloth. They can be rolled or folded for very easy storage. Each pieces has been tastefully designed with finest materials available. Teak wood has choosen as its main material, so that you can use it as outdoor chess game. It is very durable and strong. You just need the chess board to play outdoor chess board. While the boards come in many sizes to fit our chess sets.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Anvil Ambos – The Giant To The Small

Anvil Ambos commonly made of iron block and use for shaping, originally by hand with a hammer. It also use to hammering curved pieces of metal. This kind of weight tool popular as something ancient but unique. It need to preserved to the modern people in the world. But those people ignored something heavy.

Here we have wooden anvil amboss. But this kind of wooden and handmade product is not use to shapping, hammering curves pieces of metal or another activity that use hammer. This wooden anvil amboss is use only for decoration your house to get some unique touch. Put those Anvil Ambos decor from the giant to the small on your table.

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Soccer Man Trophy – Made Of Teak Wood

The handmade product from Java island that carved and designed by expert craftsman. It has made from best quality Teak wood and polished well in brown. Very unique and elegant. It is called as wooden trophy of soccer man. This beautifully hand-crafted usually used as award for the winner of a champion. This model is different with other model of trophy, so you can choose it for local foootball champion, school footbal, office football, community footbal and another football activity.

Not only for a champion or game. Trophy also use as gift or indoors decoration. You can put it on your table in living room, office, or your library. Give the unique touch for your rooms.
Don’t hesitate, choose the wooden trophy for our trophies as an alternative to the pewter base. Trophy that made of wood has rarely to found.

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Standart Wooden Chess Set

We are manufacturer and exporter of chess set in variety sizes, board and chess table. We have standard chess in ordinary size and design. Beside that, we also provide big and giant chess set that usually use for outdoor game. Kids and adolescent love this kind of chess.
Then, to explore the chess design, we introduce you to decorative chess, which designed in different form. For example we take an empire theme for our decorative chess like “Scandinavian Chess Set”. It describe about important people in Scandinavia Kingdom. We still have many more of chess pieces with different design and form.

This time we show about our chess standard. Made from Teak wood and polished well in brown or natural wood color. Those brown chess pieces againts black chess pieces on the board. This standard chess set usually use for indoor play and for beginners player. Those chess pieces are easy to learn and easy to remember.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Checker And Board

In the picture above is our giant checker set on its board. This is an absolutely beautiful giant checker and board that made of best Teak wood material. With inlaid checkers pieces on the top of board is certainly something special. Different size of ordinary checker and board, this checker pieces is designed as giant checker and supported by its big board. The checker set is perfect for outdoor use.

Consider about it space. For this giant checker, you may need enough flat space for the board and the pieces. You may use this checker set at garden or your backyard. Checker outdoor game will bring fresh nuance for your game. You can enjoy the interesting feeling in play outdoor checker with your friend, children and neighbor. Having checker game with your friend using this kind of big wooden checker at your garden.

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Wooden Geometric Chess

We have geometric chess product that processed in handmade. Geometric chess offers modern style. Made of teak and polished in black/brown color, so different with ordinary chess. The geometric shape escapes you from the ordinary chess model. It is the combination of innovation and art. It has geometric shapes and futuristic look. Get your challenge of chess game by using this kind of chess piece.

Beside as chess game use, this chess will be a focal point in your living room or library. Geometric chess is undoubtedly stunning. This geometric chess is absolutely stylish and worth keeping. It’s best used for indoor decoration such as room, home, office, and public areas. As home decoration, it can be placed on your sofa table, book case, coffee table for your convenience.

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Wooden Giant Chess by Chess Manufacturer