Friday, April 30, 2010

Wooden Chess Set

Furniture products, antique or modern, have most often been crafted in Wood. This is because people everywhere cherish both the warm feel and polished look of processed wood. All people in the world know that wooden furniture is very safety and antique, especially if it made of Teak wood. Teak wood famous as the strongest wood in the world, so all people prefer to choose this kind of woo than other.

Look the picture above. Those chess piecesare made of Teak wood and polished in black and brown. Very unique and elegant for your chess game in home. Looks glossy and very durable. So you can use it indoor and outdoor. Having an interesting chess game with your friend or family by using our chess product. Or you may use it as home decor in your living room, bedroom or another space in your house.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

150 Wood Giant Rook

Those are 150 rooks that made of Teak wood and polished in black. Rook piece is one of important part in chess game. The Rook chess piece, also known as the Castle, is usually a charger rather than a defender in the game of chess. Because of its unique, many people have fanatism to this chess piece. They usually collect rook in some different forms and colors. There are classic rook, modern rook, and decorative rook. But the most famous and worthly of chess pieces is wooden rook that has made of Teak wood. Not only for chess game. You may buy rook piece for your room decoration or you arrange those are in your living room table. It will look so nice for your guest. Get the nice price from us and you may add your home decoration with some art touch by put this chess piece one.

We are manufacturer of rook and other chess pieces. So you will get good price if you buy in our shop. If you interesting for having business with us to sell those chess pieces in your country, yoou can contact us. We will give you best price.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Red And Green Chess Pieces On Wooden Board

This classic design chess has long been a standard design of chess pieces in chess game. Universally, chess pieces for the game of chess is like this one. The colors which commonly used by classical chess is a black and brown. But in fact, lovers and chess players sometimes get bored with the same color in every game of chess throughout the world. Then, why can not we make a new touch on the chess pieces?

Colors are also sometimes bring their own passion for chess players. Therefore, to give different impression from usual chess game, now we introduce a different color of chess sets. They are the chess pieces in red and green color which bring a brave and calm atmosphere to chess game. These colors have escape you from ordinary chess and will make the game more fun and challenging chess.

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Geometric Chess Made Of Teak Wood

In the picture is one of geometric chess piece that carved so carefully and need high creativity skill. This kind of chess product is called also as custome chess in geometric form. Chess players are very creative in the use of their imaginations, and the customized chess pieces and sets that have been ordered from us, for play or collection, are unique and special. If you have an idea for such a product, please do not hesitate to tell us what it is, and we will create it in such a way as to do justice to your imagination.

It means that you can create your own chess pieces based on your imagination and not always in geometric form. Try to put this kind of custom chess type for decorate your house. You can put it in your living room or your children bedroom as house decoration to get some unique touch for your house.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wooden Big Chess Board

A chessboard is square and flat, consisting of 64 squares, 32 black squares and 32 white squares. In order to be secure in shipping we pack our chessboards in specially designed crates . The same care is taken for our chess pieces.’s chessboards are hand crafted mainly of Indonesia teak. Some of our chess boards and chess tables are specially adapted for the chess pieces that come with them.

Here we introduce you a very best quality of wooden chess board. We made it from the best and high quality of Teak wood from Java island. We called this one of wooden board as 24 board. The 24″ x 24″ chessboard is used for 48″ chess pieces. It consists of 64 squares, 32 squares are black and 32 squares are white. This chessboard, with a weight that is twice that of the 18″ x 18″ board, also will need a large area, indoor or outdoors, to be placed in.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wooden Chess Pieces On Wooden Chess Table

Chess is a game of war between two armies, one of sixteen white pieces and one of sixteen black pieces, at the start arranged in two rows at opposite ends of the chessboard standing face to face. One chess piece can occupy only one space. In the front row of each side are the eight Pawns, followed in the back row by two Rooks at the ends; next to them the two Knights; then come the Bishops; and at the center the King and Queen, with the Queen on her own color.

The Chessboard itself consists of 64 squares, alternating in black and white, with a white square, by international standard, on the far right of the first row for both sides. In this picture, you can view an outdoor chess table and chess set. Chess table and pieces make an attractive garden feature and allow participants - from beginners to expert - to partake in different atmosphere of chess game. Now on you can put the chess table outdoors, without worried about its damaged. It because the chess table has made of Teak wood.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wooden Color Chess Pieces

In the picture above is wooden color chess pieces. We made it in beautiful colors and interesting for your chess game. Just choose which color that you like it and have it in a set, so you can start your chess game using color chess. Those color chess will escape you from bored feeling of ordinary chess pieces which is polished in brown and black. By using this color chess, surely your game will more interesting and challenging.

Invite your friends and family to try playing chess game using color chess. Those pieces are very durable for indoor and outdoor use. Made from best quality of Teak wood, the color chess pieces will durable to use at garden or backyard area. Otherwise, you can also having chess game in living room or library room. Challenged your game and add your chess collection by those color chess pieces.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Big Checker Pieces

Outdoor game is very fun activity in weekend or holiday. It will more funtastic if you having outdoor activity with your friends, family and children. Add to the fun with our big checkers product! We have unique and good quality product for our customer, big checker pieces. Our checker pieces is sturdy yet lightweight but easy to lift. You can use it for outdoor game or as house decoration. Very simple but so attractive.

Our big checkers add the colossal fun to your backyard. Our checker products are idela for indoor or outdoor play.This set is constructed of the best quality of Teak wood, carved by our professional craftsman and polished well in black and brown. Perfect for garden, backyards, schools, recreation centers, country clubs, resorts, and camps. You can put it at your garden in long time without worry about the damage, because our product is made from best quality of Teak wood.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

A Queen Chess Made Of Teak Wood

The most powerful chess piece in a chess game is the Queen. This is because the Queen can move an unlimited number of squares in any direction. It means that she can move to threaten or capture from any position, moving straight or diagonally. The only thing she cannot do is jump over pieces, as can the knight. Losing this piece is the most devastating blow in chess a player can face.

As the picture has show, currently we expose the Queen chess piece which has made of Teak wood and carved by professional craftsman. This brown Queen chess standing alone to show her detail carving. As wooden product, this Queen chess piece is safe for children and easy to move. Besides, it perfect also for house decoration use.

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Wooden Chess Set On Its Board

Very elegant and attractive chess set which stand on its board. Black and brown chess pieces, carved in high quality product by professional craftsman. Look the board also. The flat board also made carefully by those craftsman and painted in white-black squares. Those are big chess set that very durable for outdoor and indoor use, because it has made of best Teak wood material from Java Island. So you do not need worry about its quality because we choose the best wood that has dried before.

We are the manufacturer of chess set. You can choose one of our chess set and we will give you good price. We have chess set in variety sizes and design. We have standard size of chess, big chess and giant chess. We also has some chess models, including; standard design, staunton, decorative and classic. You will have great chess collection if you buy chess set to us, the best and wonderful chess in world.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

24 Inch Set Perfect For Outdoor Game

Enjoy your holiday at house and spend more time at your garden area is is exciting activities to relax and more efficient because it does not need to spend a lot of money to travel outside. You just need some interesting activity and invite some friends or neighbour to join with you. Think about outdoor chess game. It will be your great game in your holiday and use giant chess to coomplete your outdoor chess game.

Just has show in the picture above. Those are 24 inch chess pieces which put at garden area and use for outdoor chess. It has supported with suitable board for the pieces, so that the player have already to play the game. Those are durable product for outdoor use, because those have made of best quality of Teak wood which has known as the strongest wood in any seasons, so it safe for you to left it outdoor for months.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Silver Wood Chess

As wooden chess manufacturer, we have many kind of chess colors, sizes and designs choice for our customer. We have wood chess standard design, staunton type, classic type, and decorative type. We also have in variety sizes, such as; 12 inch, 18 inch, 24 inch, 36 inch, 42 inch and 72 inch. So you will confuse of many kind choice of our chess product. You just need suit the size and model / type with your purpose to buy. If you want to decorate your garden or for outdoor need, we suggest you to buy our giant chess with 72 inch tall King. You can put it at your garden for years without worried about its damage because our product are made of Teak wood that is very strongest wood in the world.

In the picture, you can see the different color of chess. Usually, you know about brown and black chess pieces. But here we present different chess for you. We have silver giant chess for your garden or hotel outdoor. Very unique and so different!

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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Wooden Black Queen

This is a wooden black Queen chess piece. It has made of Teak wood that has known as the best wood in the world, so it suit for qualified wood handicraft and furniture. This wood has recommended as the only strongest wood that durable in any seasons, so we use Teak wood to produce chess equipment and another wooden decoration, include this Queen chess piece.

As one of chess piece, Queen has important role in chess game. In a chess game, each player has one Queen as their chess soldier to keep the King. Queen piece which often use in a game usually sized 8 inch, 12 inch, 16 inch. Those sizes usually use for indoor game. While for outdoor game and also house decoration, we often use giant Queen piece. The sizes are 24 inch, 36 inch, 48 inch and 72 inch.

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Reality Kingdom Type For Decorative Chess

This is our decorative chess model which called as Reality Kingdom Chess. This kind of chess piece has dedicated for chess lovers and for you who want to decorate your house with wooden handicraft. Its design is unusual and different with detail carving which make it so beautiful. As seen in the picture, this piece is King chess piece in Reality Kingdom chess set.
Curious with the other chess piece of Reality Kingdom set? Find it here.

All of our product have made of best quality of Teak wood, including this chess set. This King piece carved carefully by our expert craftsman and polished well to avoid wood damage. It perfect also for house decoration. You can put it on your living room table, library, office table, school, and another interesting area. You do not need worry about the damage, because it has made of the strongest wood in the world.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wooden Big Chess Pieces

Wooden big chess is not only an attractive feature for any garden, but also a fun and exciting way to play the strategic game of chess. Buy big chess to us. We offers the widest selection of yard and garden wooden big chess. We the manufacturer of wood big chess in variety forms and design. We also have some sized to suit your garden space such as; 72 inch, 64 inch, 48 inch and other sizes. Dressing your wonderful yard and having interesting garden party by this big chess pieces.

As chess manufacturer, we always prioritize product quality. Therefore, all our chess products made from high quality wood that is native Indonesian teak wood. Not only that, our products have been carved by craftsmen with experience. You will not be disappointed and we make sure our products are durable in any weather. Buy now!

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Decorate Your Garden With Giant Silver Chess

This giant chess piece called color chess. In the picture above, you can see about its different color with ordinary chess piece that commonly use in champion or in any chess game event. The ordinary chess set is brown and black, supported with its chess board. But to increase the interesting feeling of chess and to make it more multifunction so that it can use for house decoration, we try to make some different chess pieces.

Adopting the idea of futuristic color, we try to present a giant wooden chess in Silver color. In a distance, this silver color looks dominant, but when you give a closer look, the purple color shines. This silver chess is so stylish and pretty. You won't satisfy to have it one. It suitable for house decoration because we carved it in giant size, so that you can use it for decorate you garden area. Try it and buy now!

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Knight Chess Piece

Look the picture above! See its beautiful carving of our professional craftsman. This Knight piece is handmade product that made of Teak wood and carved by our craftsman from Java island. We choose the best quality of Teak wood and polished well. So it become a unique one of Knight chess piece. In the picture you can see its black and glossy look of the Knight. It looks so elegant and gallant. Very perfect for decorate your house or a gift for your children and friends.

You can add your collection of chess piece with this one of unique Knight. Look the design and style. You may be know the different design with another Knight product. This Knight is different and more gallant that other. We have another Knight collection in different design. We also provide another chess pieces that has designed in different and has unique touch from our craftsman. Get it now! You can also order in some sizes. We provide standart size, big size and giant size.

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Wooden Giant Chess by Chess Manufacturer