Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Teak Wooden Chess Sets

Teak Wooden Chess Sets

Teak is popular with upscale homes and resorts because of its luxurious marbled wood grain.
Teak is unsurpassed for outdoor use. To see the beauty of teak's grain,
Teak chess pieces make outstanding decorations.

What kind of teak do we use?
Like most lumber, teak comes in various grades. Ours is ungraded and would be considered a low grade by furniture makers, in fact, unsuitable for construction applications.

This is because our artisans look for stumps, burls, and large-sized rejects of the teak industry. Not only does this save you money, but it is also where teak best showcases its elegant swirling grain structure.

This is also our concession to the environmental causes that seek to reduce the cutting of the rain forests where some teak comes from. See our Environmental Statement for more on that.

Our teak choices come with compromises. The teak is more likely to have voids (which of course we fill) and cracks (which are easy to repair). And it is a little harder to work (but our artisans have the experience to handle that).

We look at this proudly as the result of choices to use the most beautiful teak available, and to keep our world beautiful, too.

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