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Care and Protection of our Teak Products

Care and Protection of our Teak Products

The Teak used in our sets is derived from stumps, burls, and larger-sized off cuts not utilised by the rest of the teak industry. Not only does this save you money, but it is also where teak best showcases its elegant swirling grain structure. This source of timber is also an environmental concession as no timber is specifically harvested for our products. Our choice of teak comes with compromises. The teak is more likely to have voids (which of course we fill) and cracks (which are easy to repair).

Teak is an extremely durable and hard wearing timber, making it a perfect wood for extended outdoor use. Our pieces are sanded, stained and sealed to help protect them from the elements. Even un-sealed teak is an extremely durable product.

Teak can take up to 2 years to completely cure (dry out). Unfortunately it is cost prohibitive to wait 2 years for our pieces to cure before we ship them. It is not uncommon for the Chess pieces to develop small cracks over time, especially during the curing period. These are natural, unavoidable and add character to the pieces. To help reduce the amount of cracking and splitting periodically rotate the chess pieces so that the same side is not always facing the sun during the curing period. This will not be an issue if the sets are being used regularly. We also recommend storing your teaks sets out of direct long term exposures to the elements - particularly hot, dry conditions to assist in good care.


Each piece is protected by quality Woodkote® Flagship UV® professional or Rust Oleum Spa Varnish exterior polyurethane wood finish. Specifically formulated for heavy wear and ultra violet protection, these products outlast conventional clear finishes. They provide an unequaled shield for both exterior and interior wood, making them ideal to care for your investment when exposed to the elements. More information on these finishes can be found at or To find the cost of the individual pieces please proceed through the chess pieces option.

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