Thursday, January 27, 2011

Anvil Ambos – The Giant To The Small

Anvil Ambos commonly made of iron block and use for shaping, originally by hand with a hammer. It also use to hammering curved pieces of metal. This kind of weight tool popular as something ancient but unique. It need to preserved to the modern people in the world. But those people ignored something heavy.

Here we have wooden anvil amboss. But this kind of wooden and handmade product is not use to shapping, hammering curves pieces of metal or another activity that use hammer. This wooden anvil amboss is use only for decoration your house to get some unique touch. Put those Anvil Ambos decor from the giant to the small on your table.

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Soccer Man Trophy – Made Of Teak Wood

The handmade product from Java island that carved and designed by expert craftsman. It has made from best quality Teak wood and polished well in brown. Very unique and elegant. It is called as wooden trophy of soccer man. This beautifully hand-crafted usually used as award for the winner of a champion. This model is different with other model of trophy, so you can choose it for local foootball champion, school footbal, office football, community footbal and another football activity.

Not only for a champion or game. Trophy also use as gift or indoors decoration. You can put it on your table in living room, office, or your library. Give the unique touch for your rooms.
Don’t hesitate, choose the wooden trophy for our trophies as an alternative to the pewter base. Trophy that made of wood has rarely to found.

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Standart Wooden Chess Set

We are manufacturer and exporter of chess set in variety sizes, board and chess table. We have standard chess in ordinary size and design. Beside that, we also provide big and giant chess set that usually use for outdoor game. Kids and adolescent love this kind of chess.
Then, to explore the chess design, we introduce you to decorative chess, which designed in different form. For example we take an empire theme for our decorative chess like “Scandinavian Chess Set”. It describe about important people in Scandinavia Kingdom. We still have many more of chess pieces with different design and form.

This time we show about our chess standard. Made from Teak wood and polished well in brown or natural wood color. Those brown chess pieces againts black chess pieces on the board. This standard chess set usually use for indoor play and for beginners player. Those chess pieces are easy to learn and easy to remember.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Checker And Board

In the picture above is our giant checker set on its board. This is an absolutely beautiful giant checker and board that made of best Teak wood material. With inlaid checkers pieces on the top of board is certainly something special. Different size of ordinary checker and board, this checker pieces is designed as giant checker and supported by its big board. The checker set is perfect for outdoor use.

Consider about it space. For this giant checker, you may need enough flat space for the board and the pieces. You may use this checker set at garden or your backyard. Checker outdoor game will bring fresh nuance for your game. You can enjoy the interesting feeling in play outdoor checker with your friend, children and neighbor. Having checker game with your friend using this kind of big wooden checker at your garden.

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Wooden Geometric Chess

We have geometric chess product that processed in handmade. Geometric chess offers modern style. Made of teak and polished in black/brown color, so different with ordinary chess. The geometric shape escapes you from the ordinary chess model. It is the combination of innovation and art. It has geometric shapes and futuristic look. Get your challenge of chess game by using this kind of chess piece.

Beside as chess game use, this chess will be a focal point in your living room or library. Geometric chess is undoubtedly stunning. This geometric chess is absolutely stylish and worth keeping. It’s best used for indoor decoration such as room, home, office, and public areas. As home decoration, it can be placed on your sofa table, book case, coffee table for your convenience.

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Wooden Giant Chess by Chess Manufacturer