Monday, August 16, 2010

Playing Chess

Chess is a game of war between two armies, one of sixteen white pieces and one of sixteen black pieces, at the start arranged in two rows at opposite ends of the chessboard standing face to face. One chess piece can occupy only one space. In the front row of each side are the eight Pawns, followed in the back row by two Rooks at the ends; next to them the two Knights; then come the Bishops; and at the center the King and Queen, with the Queen on her own color.

Chess game is universal game. All people know about the game but a few people can play it. It also often called as brain sport which filled by strategies moves. The main purpose in a game of chess is to try to kill, or in chess terms "checkmate," the opponent’s King. To accomplish this, the player must carefully plan to undermine and then attack the king's position. The first move is made by the player with the white pieces and the second move by the player with the black pieces.

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