Monday, August 9, 2010

24 Inch Chess Pieces

Those 24 inch chess pieces are made from best quality Teak wood. This wood is popular for its strongest character and often used for outdoor furniture. Teak wood furniture products are durable for outdoor use in any seasons. That's why we choose Teak wood as our main material in produce big chess pieces, such like the 24 inch chess pieces. People often use it for outdoor chess game, so it is need the strongest wood to realized the qualified chess pieces which durable in any seasons, and Teak wood may become the best choice.

For outdoor chess game, the 24 inch chess pieces should put on a board with 12" x 12" squares. Children and adolescents especially love these pieces, and they are still not too large, nor too heavy, to be taken with you wherever you should wish to play. You can bring it to interesting outdoor area, such as; beach, garden, backyard, campground, and many more interesting place.

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