Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kids Love Giant Chess Pieces

Chess is one of universal game that has no limit ages for its players. This game played by two players and just need simple equipments. It's very easy for play and all people can play the game if they want to learn about chess. Chess is about the rule of the pieces move and strategy. A set of chess has called 'white' and the other set called 'black'. To start the game, the players placed their pieces on the board and begin to move step by step.

Not only man or woman who like this game, but kids also love this chess game. Kids like to learn chess and often play chess at garden, camp, school, backyard and others kids ground. Besides, chess is one of educative game for kids that will teach them about strategy and sport their brain. It's because chess often called as 'Intelectual Sport' which need high concentrated. The interesting is chess can played indoor and outdoor.

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Wooden Giant Chess by Chess Manufacturer