Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wooden Chess Trophy In Knight Model

 Something made of wood material is always attractive. The special one is handmade product made of Teak wood and carved beautifully in unique shapes. It so worthly and interesting to put it in living room, library, school, office, and room as one of decoration. Some collectors of wooden carving product even prepare a special room to save their collections. How about you? Have you plan to have some wooden handmade products in your house?

Try this one! We have the chess trophy made from solid Teak wood which carved in Knight chess model. The trophy has polished in brown or natural wood paint. But if you wonder to make it different in another color, you may order it to us and we will make it for you. Furthermore, if you wonder to make your own dream design, you can rely us to make it.

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Wooden Giant Chess by Chess Manufacturer