Monday, March 15, 2010

Chess Pieces Set On Wooden Folding Board

Playing chess game is interesting activity in holiday. You can play it anywhere, in your house, at garden, camp, beach, park, and another interesting place. It would be the nice day if spend the day with friends and family by doing some interesting game like chess. You just need chess pieces and board, then you can start the game.

As show in the picture above, a chess pieces set that has made of Teak wood has carved beautifully by craftsman looks so elegant stand on its wooden board. The board also made of Teak wood and handmade product. Both of chess pieces and chess board are durable product because they have made of the strongest wood in the world. So that, you can use it indoor and outdoor. It easy to move and easy to keep. Just keep the pieces in the folding board, then you can carry it where ever you want to play. Try to have those carved pieces and board. Have a wonderful game with them.

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Wooden Giant Chess by Chess Manufacturer