Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wooden Trophy

As wooden trophy manufacturer, we have various kind of wooden trophies. We have different types, models, and sizes. Those high quality trophies are made from Teak wood and durable use for indoor and outdoor. Wooden trophy has carved beautifully by talented craftsman and polished in natural brown with glossy touch. Make it looks so unique and artistic.

Not only for trophy need. Our wooden trophy can also use for rooms decoration, so you can lay it on your office table, living room, children room, or you can use it as a gift or souvenir for your family and friends. Indeed, wooden products is multifunction products and preferred by mostly people in the world. Besides, we have many choices of trophies such as; soccer man trophy, chess piece trophy, soccer ball, music trophy and many more.

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Wooden Giant Chess by Chess Manufacturer