Sunday, July 18, 2010

Color Chess Set On Squares Table Chess

A chess set is consist of 36 chess pieces with its chess board or table. A chess set consists of 32 chess pieces, including 16 pawns, 4 Rooks, 4 Knights, 4 Bishops, 2 Queens and 2 Kings. Each chess piece has its own form and each piece moves in a different way.

In addition to the 32 pieces needed to play Chess are 2 Kings, 2 Queens, 4 Rooks, 4 Bishops, 4 Knights, and 16 pawns, divided equally between the two players and placed directly opposite each other. The other equipment most necessary to begin a game is the  chessboard. But you can also use chess table for your chess game. Just put your chess pieces on its squares surface and your game is already to start. For the chess pieces, you can also use the color chess pieces to feel other atmosphere in play chess game.

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