Friday, April 9, 2010

Reality Kingdom Type For Decorative Chess

This is our decorative chess model which called as Reality Kingdom Chess. This kind of chess piece has dedicated for chess lovers and for you who want to decorate your house with wooden handicraft. Its design is unusual and different with detail carving which make it so beautiful. As seen in the picture, this piece is King chess piece in Reality Kingdom chess set.
Curious with the other chess piece of Reality Kingdom set? Find it here.

All of our product have made of best quality of Teak wood, including this chess set. This King piece carved carefully by our expert craftsman and polished well to avoid wood damage. It perfect also for house decoration. You can put it on your living room table, library, office table, school, and another interesting area. You do not need worry about the damage, because it has made of the strongest wood in the world.

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