Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mrs. Daniel Raise A Wooden Giant Knight

She is mrs. Daniel. One of chess fans in the world. Very like to collect chess piece and its equipment. On the picture above, she shows one of her chess piece collection. She raise a wooden giant Knight. Mrs. Daniel like about its carving form and different design. We innovate our product by making a new design of Knight piece. This Knight piece has tall and slender body and pretty virtue.

Wooden handmade from professional craftsman with unique and creative design. It is very perfect and nice to use as indoors decoration and personal collection. This handmade product is polished in brown color or old wood color to get the artistic value. Wooden handmade product with Knight form carved uniquely and artistic. You can put it on your work table, living room decoration, party decoration, school, etc.

For more info, please visit www.giantchess.com


Wooden Giant Chess by Chess Manufacturer