Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Giant Rooks Chess Amount 150 Pieces

Those are 150 Rooks chess pieces that made from Teak wood and polished in black. Rook piece is one of important part in chess game. The Rook chess piece, also known as the Castle, is usually a charger rather than a defender in the game of chess. Because of its unique, many people like to collect this chess piece. They usually collect rook in some different forms and colors. There are classic rook, modern rook, and decorative rook. But the most famous and worthly of chess pieces is wooden rook that has made of Teak wood.

Not only for chess game. You may buy rook piece for your room decoration or you arrange those are in your living room table. It will look so nice for your guest. Get the nice price from us and you may add your home decoration with some art touch by put this chess piece one. It has natural look that will give calm ambiance into your rooms. Have it now!

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Wooden Giant Chess by Chess Manufacturer