Thursday, December 16, 2010

Carved Mist Monster

All carving product are very interesting, especially from Teak wood material. You can order any shapes or creature that you want. Besides, it would be nice to decor your house with something unique that made from best quality of Teak wood.

Just like in the picture, it is our craftsman who enjoy his job to carved and paint Mist Monster furniture product. This product will use for house decoration, so that we try to give a funny touch.

Mist Monster decoration. Perfect for your patio furniture and garden decoration. Our product is made of Teak wood, so you do not need about its durable. Our Teak wood is high quality and dried well. The product has carved by professional craftsman and polished well. We have chess pieces in various sizes, so if you can choose the suit size for your patio space. Try now, and make your patio space looks interesting

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