Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Giant Chess With Wheels

Outdoor chess is challenging game with fresh air. To make it more interesting, you should use the giant chess set. This kind of chess set will give different touch for your outdoor chess game. You will feel that play chess not only sit on a chair while thinking about the strategies, but you can walking around the board while playing the game.

The most suitable for outdoor chess game is the giant chess set. Supported with its chess board, the giant chess set will bring you to different game. With their large size, you certainly difficult to move the chess pieces. But by placing the wheels at the bottom of the chess pieces, you can easily move the chess pieces onto the square that you want.

Giant chess pieces made of teak wood is very heavy to move. But by using the wheel, then you can put it wherever you want. Now on, get the giant chess set with wheels for your outdoor chess game. The wheels giant chess is more fun, more challenging.

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Wooden Giant Chess by Chess Manufacturer