Saturday, June 12, 2010

Beautiful Carving Of Chess Pieces

Wooden chess pieces are handmade products which made by talented craftsman. As chess manufacturer, we provide good quality of wooden chess pieces in giant size. Each piece is painstakingly hand carved from graded Teak wood and finished to a high standard. Just has showed in the picture above, those fine chess pieces are a superb example of fine and intricate wood carving.

Giant chess set, perfect for outdoor chess game and interesting also for use as house decoration. By its strongest Teak wood, the giant chess pieces are durable for outdoor and indoor use in any seasons. You can left it outdoor for months. Some people use it for outdoor chess game and play it at garden, camp area, beach, park and other interesting place. Some others use it for house decoration and match it with their home decoration.

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Wooden Giant Chess by Chess Manufacturer