Thursday, February 4, 2010

Giant Chess Pieces On Foam Board

The picture above has show you about giant chess pieces that has made from solid Teak wood material. The chess pieces above are so big and tall. By see the bottom of pieces, we can imagine how tall they are. Surely it rather heavy to lift. So you should shift it to move the pieces. Moreover those giant chess pieces has made from the best and strongest wood in the world. Surely the pieces are very high quality and durable.

If you want to play chess using this kind of chess pieces, you should need a wide enough board that suit with the pieces. On the picture above, we show you about one of our board. This is the mats chess or the foam board. By using this mats chess, the big lawn chess pieces are light enough to move easily. The chess mats will complete the chess set in your yard or recreation area. From amusement parks, and zoos to museums or resorts.

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Wooden Giant Chess by Chess Manufacturer