Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rook Chess Piece In Black

Black and glossy becomes an everlasting attraction for decoration idea. Derived from that idea, we create this Rook chess piece in black color. This Rook will be a great view of art when it is placed beside the fireplace.
Black and glossy wooden rook piece looks so gallant. The Rook chess piece, also known as the Castle, is usually a charger rather than a defender in the game of chess. It's elegant look that will give calm ambiance into your rooms.

This carved wooden Rook chess piece is standart chess model. We have various models of chess pieces and you can contact us for the details. Beside that, we provide chess set with its board and chess table.
Our product has made of Teak wood and polished in high quality paint. We also provide another colors, such as brown, blue, red and many more. Our product is the best product because made of the strongest wood in the world, so you do not feel worried to use it outdoors. Find the best price on chess piece of Rook in our shop now!

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